Narcos & Netlfix

After twenty-three years after his death, Pablo Escobar, the wealthiest criminal in history, goes back to the top, thanks to the renovated interest of movies, TV-series and documentary. The infamous drug lord was played, among all, by Cliff Curtis in Blow (2001), by Benicio del Toro in Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014 – distributed in Italy only in 2016) and – apparently – will be also played by Javier Bardem in 2017. The one I will remember mostly, however, will be the one played by Wagner Moura in the TV-series Narcos. After almost 20 hours spent together, it’s just natural.


Divided in a way that left me perplexed (just one episode was used to sum up the criminal ascent, while few years were dilated in many), these first two seasons tell how the DEA agents Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) and Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) caught Pablo Escobar in a quite truthful way, apparently, or, better, hinting at the most important conjectures that surround this story (American involvement, guerrillas, political implication). In a post on Facebook, however, the son of Pablo Escobar revealed different mistakes in the TV-series. Actually, one of the most interesting aspect showed in Narcos is the relationship between the drug-lord and his family: while in the beginning the private life of the two DEA agents counterbalanced Pablo Escobar’s, the previous was gradually set aside for the latter. Can’t be considered a complaint, as the characters of Tata, his wife, played by the amazing Paulina Gaitan, of his children and, overall, of his incredible mother (Paulina García) were really, really fascinating – I always like to discover the private side of historical personalities.

The feature I like most of Narcos is the incessant shift from Spanish to English that has made the whole TV-series one of the most realistic and believable I have ever seen. Even better, this production’s choice is respected also in the Italian version, changing the English with the Italian but leaving the Spanish dialogues.

The second season was released by Netflix on the 2nd of September and the TV-series has been already renewed for a third and a fourth seasons. After Pablo Escobar’s departure, will we see Murphy and Peña again? Bets are open.

Narcos is another example of Netflix’s ability to create great TV-series, involving, interesting and impressive. I am not convinced as I was by Stranger Things or Sense8, but denying the quality of this product is pure nonsense. Great Netflix, whose TV-series stand above other products, once again.

P.S. Really they made Learn Spanish with El Patrón? Respect.



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