Thrilling discoveries (shamefully late)

Me after the first episode – and I am not fond of this kind of robot Sci-Fi.



Quick tips. The Purge: Election Year

giphyFrank Grillo is, for the second time, the fascinating LAPD Sergeant Leo Barnes in The Purge: Election Year. 

Will the Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) survive and manage to be elected as the next USA President to stop the annual purge?

This time the themes are slightly different than the ones of The Purge: Anarchy (2014), but also this third movie remains a sharp description and critic of the contemporary society. Despite the really fascinating cinematography and the Nineties music video style, Election Year is not engaging as the episode before – can’t speak about the first that I haven’t watched yet.

Can’t deny that it is still a really interesting and harsh food for thoughts.

Soon on Netflix: The Crown

Claire Foy (Wolf Hall) will play Queen Elizabeth II during the first years of her reign for the new ambitious Netflix’s TV-series The Crown, that should be made up of six seasons for sixty episodes.

From the 4th of November on Netflix!

Jean & Erik, Xtreme Makeover Home Edition

X-Men: Apocalypse, directed by Brian Singer, is the movie that ends the “new” trilogy of the X-Men movie, that began with X-Men: First Class (2011) and continued with X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Although I agree with the reviews that underlined the not originality of the plot (a mad mutant who gathers some desperate/disenchanted/bad mutants, random destructions and killings and the isolation of the mutants, considered the evil of the world), the suspension of disbelief, for me, was absolute. I was scared by the length but, in the end, the 144 minutes passed away with interruptions or looking at the watch.

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