Marvel’s Luke Cage

Netflix adds another tile to its big Marvel’s collaboration project: the TV series Luke Cage, released just few days before revealing Iron Fists première day. Luke Cage tells the story of the homonymous superhero, played by the enormous Mike Colter, who, after showing up in Jessica Jones, gets his own show. The Defenders are getting closer!

giphy (1).gif

The first, big, gigantic problem is the tiny thread of boredom that crosses the first half of the TV-series. Until the end of the seventh episode, in which the twist plot is astonishing, the power of Luke Cage is also his weakness: being invincible is boring. If nothing can hurt him, after two fights everything has been shown.

But this is Netflix, so I had to change my mind.

The twist plot renovates the entire show: action, fast and involving rhythm are the main features of the second part, transforming Luke Cage in an incredible TV-show and confirming Netflix’s high standards. Only a flaw: the travel to Savannah, whose purpose is still mysterious and, in my opinion, pointless.

The amazing turning point is also underscored by the arrive of the nurse Claire, played by Rosario Dawson, who also showed up in Daredevil and in Jessica Jones. Using her character to make clear the continuity among the different TV-series is just brilliant. All the female characters, however, are really interesting, even though the complexity of the Councilwoman Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) exceeds the detectivgiphy.gife Misty Knight’s (Simone Missick), whose behaviour is quite obscure and didn’t convince me particularly. Pleasant discovery is Theo Rossi, whose sunglasses’ addicted Shades has been one of the most intriguing and fascinating character of the Netflix-Marvel collaboration. He could challenge David Caruso’s Horatio Caine, I guess.

The setting is incredible, overall the way Harlem is described, in all its deep and fascinating contradictions, also reflecting the contemporary situation. The soundtrack-editing work is really admirable. Remarkable, as usual, are all the references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yes, Claire, we have understood you know a really good lawyer) and the Easter-Eggs which are mentioned; I have particularly appreciated the Civil Wars spirit that permeated the whole show: is Luke Cage a hero to celebrate or a menace to stop?

Despite some initial doubts, Luke Cage turned to be a great satisfaction. Can’t wait to watch the other TV-series (overall The Punisher): always forward!


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