From suspicion to interest: Emerald City

What trails will have to face Dorothy (Adria Arjona) during her journey to Emerald City? We’ll find out from the 6th of January 2017 when her adventure, based on the well-known book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by  L. Frank Baum in 1900, will start on NBC.

Knowing that Vincent D’Onofrio (Marvel’s Daredevil, among thousands) is the Wizard of Oz is making everything much more interesting.


Let’s see if Netflix will rule also over historical documentaries!

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood is an interesting Netflix documentary about Commodus, the Roman Emperor who ruled the Roman territory from 180 to 192 AD and became famous more due to his desire of glory and fame than for his political activity. I really liked the structure of this documentary, because it mixed a fictional reconstruction with interviews of expert historians, united by Sean Bean’s voice, that has the duty of explaining this complex history. Despite my appreciation, I have to recall some of the flaws of this Netflix (still great) product.

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Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals

Six Processed with VSCOyears after the touching A single Man, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, Tom Ford returns with a new, amazing movie, which he wrote and directed. Nocturnal Animals is inspired by the novel Tony & Susan, written by Austin Wright and published in 1993.

Coming out only in Italy on 17th of November 2016, I managed to watch Nocturnal Animals during the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

And I was completely fascinated. Here the trailer, go ahead for more!

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Trailer Time! Frontier

Discovery Canada decided to tell how the fur market developed in North America at the of the XVIII century and decided to do through a TV-series, Frontier. Jason Momoa is the main character of this tale of violence, chaos and wilderness, surrounded by Alun Armstrong, Landon Liboiron, Zoe Boyle, Allan Hawco e Jessica Matten.

Frontier and its six episoded will be avaliable on streaming on Netflix from 20th of January.

Let’s hope that also Taboothe TV-series from and with Tom Hardy, will have the same destiny!

Star Trek: Beyond. Lost in the space, survival edition.

giphy (1).gifStar Trek: Beyond is the third movie of the cinematographic reboot of the Star Trek saga, preceded by Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013). Justin Lin replaces J.J. Abrams, who had directed the first two movies. Chris Pine returns in the role of Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock; also Simon Pegg (who wrote the script too), Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin join the team for the third times. Really interesting are the new characters, played by Idris Elba (the villain Krall) and by Sofia Boutella (the alien scavenger Jaylah).

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Trailer time! Wonder Woman

Will Wonder Woman manage to be an awesome movie and be more amazing than the trailer? Let’s see if this next step toward Justice League will be more satisfying than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Trailer time! T2 Trainspotting

After more than twenty years, Mark “Rent Boy” Renton (Ewan MccGregor) is ready to come back. With him, there are Daniel “Spud” Murphy (Ewen Bremner), Simon “Sick Boy” Williamson (Jonny Lee Miller), Francis “Franco” Begbie (Robert Carlyle) and Diane (Kelly MacDonald).

T2: Trainspotting is the awaited sequel of the cult movie Trainspotting (1996), both directed by Danny Boyle and based on the novels Trainspotting (1993) and Porno (2002), written by the Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh.

Here the trailer!

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