Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals

Six Processed with VSCOyears after the touching A single Man, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, Tom Ford returns with a new, amazing movie, which he wrote and directed. Nocturnal Animals is inspired by the novel Tony & Susan, written by Austin Wright and published in 1993.

Coming out only in Italy on 17th of November 2016, I managed to watch Nocturnal Animals during the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

And I was completely fascinated. Here the trailer, go ahead for more!

The gallery owner Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) receives unexpectedely a manuscript from her ex-husband Edward Sheffield (JaProcessed with VSCOke Gyllenhaal). During her reading, tale and reality, present and past overlap, while the search of justice made by the fictional Tony Hastings (also played by Jake Gyllenhaal) will make Susan question about her life.  The silence that surrounds Susan’s life is meaningful: nothing is told, but everything is clear. All the choices she made, the passions she followed, the regrets and remorses she has are stones that shaped her past and shapes her present. For many of the movies selected (The Bad Batch, Dark Night) in this 73rd Venice Film Festival the “not-told” was a deficiency but Tom Ford shows all his ability and manages to transform it into a powerful element of his narration.

The cast is astonishing: the “real” Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhall and Armie Hammer face the fictional Isla Fisher, Jake Gyllenhall and Aaron-Taylor Johnson (who has, in a different way, a similar destructive power as Armie Hammer’s Hutton Morrow’s). Micheal Shannon  plays magnificently the lieutenant Bobby Andes, the man who will gently accompany Tony in his revenge path. Quick yet amazing is the presence of Laura Linney, Andrea Riseborough, Michael Sheen and Jena Malone.

Beauty is the key word that can be used to describe Nocturnal Animals, that won more than deservedly the Grand Jury Prize. Every single frame is aesthetically perfect, thanks also to the Seamus McGarvey’s cinematography. The wonderful soundtrack made by Abel Korzeniowski, who’s already his amazing talent in Showtime Penny Dreadful, is impeccable – the opening credits will be remembered for ages. Tom Ford reveals to be a great director, writer and fashion designer: the movie is astonishing, the script is perfectly balanced between dialogue and silence, also due to the personal way he re-elaborates the characters. Obviously, the costumes are amazing and, honestly, he made me want to buy his glasses.



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