Sherlock n° 4. The Six Thatchers

The verbose Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) returns at the very beginning of this 2017 with the first episode of the fourth (maybe last) season of Sherlock.



Avoiding too easily the consequences of the last episode of the third season (the murder of Mr. Magnussen), Sherlock faces a menace direct to – strangely to say – Mary Watson (Amanda Abbington), whose audacious past doesn’t stop haunting her. Not even the birth of a daughter allows her and John (Martin Freeman) to live a normal life.

The complex story, full of countless plot twist, has the fault of making the famous sidekick of the English detective just a shadow on the background, but has the credit of being still able to capture the audience’s attention, giving us hints about what is going to happen. Can’t be denied that the cinematography is thrilling – remarkable the London aquarium scenes – as astonishing are, as usual, the performances of all the actors. The affection we feel for them makes us overlook the plot’s problems and makes us despair of the tragic ending.

An Easter-Egg show us the face of Toby Jones, who, in the next episode The Lying Detective, will play Culverton Smith, one of the villains created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (min. 68). Let’s see if he will be able to make us forget about James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) – I do miss him. Let’s wait eagerly next 9th of January!


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