Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

The book Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, written by Douglas Adams, best known for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, was published in 1987. After thirty years, different radio adaptations and a TV series, the Holistic Detective returns on TV. Broadcast on BBC America, the TV show is distributed worldwide by Netflix.

Dirk Gently is played by Samuel Barnett (Desperate Romantics, Penny Dreadful), while Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) is his reluctant sidekick Todd Brotzman. Together, they’ll have to face weird enemies and solve a mysterious homicide.

Elijah Wood, Bentley and Samuel Barnett

Dirk Gently leaves England, some of the features that Douglas gave him and made him iconic to go to USA, where he is hired by Mr. Spring to find who (or what) is going to kill him. Following the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, that means doing nothing and waiting for things to happen, Dirk, Todd and Farah (Jade Eshete), Mr. Spring’s chief of security, manage to stop a dangerous, religious cult and to solve an astounding time-travel-loop. Leaving behind an incredible amount of dead bodies, their adventure is enriched by really funny characters, among which it’s worth remembering Todd’s sister, Amanda (Hannah Marks), the Rowdy 3 (that are actually four) and the amazing couple made by the “holistic” assassin Bart (Fiona Dourif) and her hostage Ken (Mpho Koaho).

Created by Max Landis (Chronicle), Dirk Gently’s HDA is a surreal TV-series in which everything has, surprisingly, its own sense and it’s impossible not to be fascinated by the obscure philosophy of the interconnectedness of all things. All the characters are funny, absurd and yet believable. It’s also easy to empathize with all of them, from Todd and his heavy lies to Bart and her madness.

Someone will surely find this TV-series absurd and exaggerated, but I really enjoyed Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency; its jokes and its characters left me amused and, in a funny way, made me think about things and stuff. Sincerely advised.


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