Pros & Cons: Legion

Another Marvel’s TV-series arrived. And it’s great.

David Haller (Dan Stevens) is a man diagnosed with schizophrenia and lives in a psychiatric hospital. But he’s also a powerful mutant, with psychic abilities, son of the famous Charles Xavier. Is he actually schizophrenic? Will he manage to understand his condition and control his powers?

Pros: The story, although it’s been already seen (a troubled man finding out about his immense powers), is told in a unique way, never being predicatable or boring, thanks to the continuos plot twists, the different points of view and the call-into-question of the truthfulness of the facts. The characters and actors are amazing; my favourite is Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), who keeps changing as the story (and the Shadow King) requires. giphyThe visual effects are astonishing and their relevance is increased by the incredible editing and cinematography. Interesting are also the set decoration and the costumes, recalling the Sixties yet futuristic. Last but not least is the soundtrack, as not only the songs are perfectly inserted in the show but also every single sound and noise have their meaning.

Cons: More than a flaw of the show itself, it’s my incessant, unaware and, overall, pointless attempt to situate Legion in the X-Men world. Tragic the fact that Farouk/Shadow King gave me nightmares.

Legion, developed by FX, has been already renewed for a second season. Don’t miss the first one!


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