Legend (2015)

Two Tom Hardy in just one movie, what else?


In Legend, Tom Hardy challenges himself playing the double role of Ronald “Ronnie” and Reginald “Reggie” Kray, the infamous gangster twins of the Swinging London. The movie, in fact, is a journey through the London of the Sixties, thanks to Caroline Harris’ magnificent costumes, the set decoration (Crispian Sallis) and the incredible soundtrack (there’s also Duffy, who plays the singer in Krays’ pub).

Interesting are the choices of using Frances’ point of view, wisely avoiding the use of flashback for a “true story” movie, and the way Frances and Reggie’s love story is intertwined with the twins’ criminal life. Tom Hardy confirms to be one of the best actor of our time, as his performances are astonishing, giving to his characters strong, different and unique personalities. At his side, playing Frances Shea, wife of Reggie, there is a great Emily Browning (soon in American Gods), a young, lovely, innocent woman crushed by a cruel and violent world.

Written and directed by Brian Helgeland, Legend is an interesting story, told in a simple, elegant way, captivating yet without shocking plot twists. To watch.


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