Pros & Cons: Sense8 (season2)

After the too long Christmas/New Eve’s special episode (what was it? A TV-movie? Two episodes glued together?), Sense8 comes back to Netflix with an amazing second season.

Understood their new, basic abilities, the cluster has to face the threatening power of BPO and Whisper (Terrence Mann), the man who wants to control or destroy all the Homines Sensorium. At the same time, except Will (Brian J. Smith) and Riley (Tuppence Middleton), practically dealing just with this global conspiracy, the others keep living their complex lives. Except Nomi (Jamie Clayton), the only one good at both.

Pros: The idea behind Sense8 is still great and what Netflix and, overall, The Wachowskis have realized is astonishing. More than the main storyline, the personal ones continue to be the most fascinating. Sun’s (Doona Bae) and Lito’s (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) are the more involving; while Capheus’s (Aml Ameen) story have become more interesting, Wolfgang’s (Max Riemelt) has lost some of its charm, even though his “affair” with Kala (Tina Desai) is still heart-breaking, making them my favourite couple. The characters continue to be deep and well developed, thanks to the great performances of the cast and the competent conception. The editing is impressive, creating a perfect rhythm and managing to absorbe completely and transport the audience (even more than the characters) from a place to another, all around the world. Couldn’t imagine that the “all-together” scenes could be so much cooler than the previous season, especially the action ones!

Everytime Angelica or Jonas show up.

Cons: Angelica (Daryl Hannah) and Jonas (Naveen Andrews). What the hell are they doing? I don’t get their position towards BPO and towards the other Homines Sensorium. Really, I need someone who sits down in front of me and explain their roles in the story. Lila Facchini (Valeria Bilello) and its cluster are an interesting add, but the fact that she’s involved in Berlin criminality makes everything too much and pointless complicated. BPO is enough. I can’t find a true flaw that could affect the viewing of Sense8, even though I’m quite disappointed by the last 20 minutes: as every detail of this TV-series is looked after, the “rescue” mission is too fast and even superficial, lacking of any kind of explanation about its organization.

As the first season of Sense8 was a masterpiece, the second moves toward the same direction, yet slipping a little bit at the very end. Anyway, just watch and enjoy it, eagerly waiting for the third!

Praise the men and/or the women who made the working plans.

Happy to see all together, even though I actually cared just about Kala and Wolfgang…


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